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S/N Collaborators Project
1 Centre for Disease Control (CDC) University of Nairobi HIV Capacity Building Fellowship (UHIV Fellowship) Link:
2 National Institutes of Health (NIH) International Extramural Associate Research Development (IEARDA) & Office of Research and Grants Promotion and Support (ORePS) Link:
3 Washington State University (WSU) Global Health Programs Link:
4 University of Ghent Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation International Centre for Reproductive Health Kenya (ICRH-K) Link:
5 University of Manitoba (UM) Partners for Health and Development in Africa (PHDA) Link:
6 University of Washington (UW) Afya Bora Consortium (ABC) Link:
7 Centre for Disease Control (CDC) Management Sciences for Health (MSH) Link:
8 Centre for Disease Control (CDC)

CoEHM /Central Kenya Response Integration, Strengthening and Sustainability Project (CRISSP +)


9 University of Washington (UW)

Partners in Health and Research Development (PHRD)


10 University of Washington (UW) Predicting Early Cardiovascular Risk among HIV Infected and Uninfected Kenyan Adults (PECKCVD Study)
11 University of Washington (UW)

Integrating Assisted Partner Services and Phylogenetics for HIV and HCV Prevention (SHARP Study)


12 Centre for Disease Control (CDC)

Most At Risk Population Study (MARPS)


13 USAID Afya Jijini Link: