Strategic Objectives

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1. To exceed our customers’ and regulatory expectations in research, innovation, patents, training and practice in tropical and infectious diseases through improved performance.
2. To enhance collaboration locally and internationally in research, innovation, training and practice in tropical and infectious diseases through establishment of atleast two (2) MOUs with strategic partners and industry and, strategic planning annually.
3. To improve the quality of UNITID laboratory products and services within the next five years by implementing strategic activities towards local and international accreditation.
4. To increase interactions, monitoring and evaluation of our products and services through creation of an enabling environment for realisation of motivated and committed staff and high calibre graduates and researchers.
5. To increase the number of publications in peer reviewed journals by at least two (2) annually.
6. To support the university’s global competitiveness and linkages through increase in the number of backlinks, referring domains and presence by 5% of the institute’s target each year.
7. To support the university/college in attracting atleast two (2) funded research grants per year.

8. To implement strategic activities to enable UNITID serve as a reference training, surveillance and diagnostic centre in the region for emerging pathogens (RVF, Marburg, Ebola), Zoonosis; NTDs and Bio-Terrorism
9. To participate in atleast one activity that supports capacity building for translating research into clinical practice and policy formulations.