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Fri, 12/04/2015 - 10:28
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L-R Dr Wahito KMTC,Dr walter uon,Prof Onyango UOn,Dr Asrat ,AMREF

The judges commented on how impressed they were with each of the three presentations. Al teams appeared confident, well prepared, were on time and answered questions well.

The judges also commended the coaches for their support of each team. With respect to overall proposal comments they noted that each team needed to dig deeper in the background and build their story. Your coaches can help. They also commented that all the topics were well chosen and will be very useful to Kenya and possibly beyond. As well they noted that all three projects were very practical , had good focus on community and well fit the Sustainable Development Goals. For all three proposals they need to ensure as far as possible to capture quality data . Data that is sloppy and missing responses means the conclusions maybe spurious. Hence the importance in methods to think hard about how to ensure as high quality data as possible is collected.

In their final statement the judges said: “Each and every single one of the participants has become a researcher now and all three projects are recommended to go forward.

As noted in the final day program outline,  several distinguished guests joined  including  a representatives from AMREF, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine but Sue Godt from IDRC and LeahBiifromKMTC were unable to come because of a conflicting meeting. Leah Bii had sent an email to say the KMTC will support a follow up meeting of the teams with their caches likely in early February and announcement very well received by the participants .

Professor Mwanda elegantly emphasized the importance of MicroResearch as a strategy for colleges, its importance for health in Kenya and the roles MicroResearch

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