Ongoing Research Projects in Institute of Tropical & Infectious Diseases

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Ongoing Projects

Project Name Sponsor Start Year End YearAmountProject Link
Uon International Extramural Associates Research Development


2010 2015 View Details
Intermittent Preventive Treatment In Schools: Randomized Controlled Trial Of The Impact Of Ipt On Malaria, Anaemia And Education Amongst School Children In Western Kenya

Gates Malaria Partnership
Prof.B. A. Estambale
S. Clarke
J. Kiambo
S. Brooker

2003 2011 2,816,540 View Details
Intermittent Preventive Treatment Gate Malaria Partnership
Prof.B.B.A. Estambale
S. Clarke
R. Hallet
J Kiambo
S. Brooker
2003 21,271 View Details
Aphia Ii Project On Scaling Up Antiretroviral Therapy Among Patients Using The University Of Nairobi Collaborative Centre Clinics And The University Of Nairobi Health Services USAID/FHI/Pathfinder International
Prof.B.A Estambale
2003 233,059 View Details
Improve Haart Adherence In A Arv Treatment Expansion Program In Kenya: Operational Evaluation And Cost Analyses Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Grant
M. Mwamburi
2003 93,892 View Details
Hpv Type Distribution In Case-series Of Cervical Cancer And Precancer In Nairobi, Kenya. World Health Organization
P. Gichangi
Prof.B.B.A Estambale Vuyst
2003 32,000 View Details