Crispin Njeru Matere

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Registration No.: W83/53956/2018

Home Country: Kenya

Project Title: Mathematical Modeling of the Transmission Dynamics and the Impact of Alternate Control Interventions of Tuberculosis (TB) in Embu County of Kenya

Description of the Project: This project will involve the application of mathematical modelling of disease spread and maintenance in populations with a view to gaining insights into the current infection dynamics of tuberculosis in human populations under current management and control interventions. The project will target Embu county of Kenya. Through the models, the project will address the usefulness of potential alternate control options of the disease.

The specific objectives of the project include;

a) Collection and collation of epidemiological data on human tuberculosis in Embu county of Kenya.

b)  Using information obtained in (a), develop mathematical models to describe the current epidemiological patterns of TB in the county and to predict what changes would occur with different potential control options and  

c)  Formulation of potential control strategies for TB in the county.

The project will use secondary data and information to be obtained mainly from health facility records. Other sources of data will include the TB reference laboratory in Nairobi, NASCOP, Kenya Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases (KAPTLD), National Tuberculosis, Leprosy and Lung disease program (NLTP) and Ministry of Health (MOH).  Above all, expert opinion will be sought.

All data will be stripped off all patient identifiers when creating the final database for analysis and modelling. This database will be password protected and access to the same will be only be through authorization. No interviews will be conducted throughout the project implementation.

Area of Specialization: Crispin Njeru Matere is a Statistician and a Health Informatician. His experience spans several years when he worked with the Department of Public Health, Pharmacology and Toxicology of the University of Nairobi, International Livestock Research Institute, KEMRI/CDC Influenza project,National AIDS Control Council and presently, UoN’s Institute for Tropical and Infectious Diseases (UNITID). Currently, he offers support to UNITID in UHIV Fellowship, Medical statistics and Epidemiology &Biostatistics among other areas. He also offers support at School of Computing and Informatics of the University of Nairobi. His interests are in Health Informatics, Medical statistics, Epidemiology and Mathematical modelling of infectious diseases.