WRM 604

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WRM 604     Health Economics, Policy and Planning

Introduction to economics and health economics: Scarcity and choice, Opportunity cost, Average and marginal cost, Supply and demand, Consumer and producer surplus, Different types of market, Market for Health versus market for other goods; Introduction to health policy and planning: Definition, scope, Concepts, development and role of health economics, Nature of the market for health care, Demand and supply of health care; Health management : Health management systems, Health management information systems; Financing health services: Current health spending in developing countries, Features of a good health financing system, User fee, Private Insurance, Community Financing, Health Savings Accounts, Informal Payments, Official development Assistance; Health care evaluation: Setting priorities in health care, Public and private roles in the provision of health services; Efficiency in health care:  Definition of efficiency, measuring efficiency, Common causes of inefficiency, strategies for addressing inefficiency; Health outcome measurement: methods of measurement, adjustment methods.