WRM 611

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WRM 611      Strategic Planning and Ethics in Research

Conceptual framework: situation analysis, stakeholder analysis, problem analysis, vision and mission, objectives; Logical frame work approach: assumptions, inputs, process, outputs, logframe matrix; project cycle management: planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation; History of Ethics: Historical events, Development of codes of research Research ethics, Guiding principles, the statutory framework; International guidelines for research ethics: The Nurenberg code, Declaration of Helsinki, Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS) guidelines, Belmont report;  Principles in research ethics: respect for persons (autonomy), Beneficience, justice; Ethical Research Committee (ERC): composition, regulations, requirement for research approval; Informed consent: Elements of informed consent, Privacy and confidentiality, Balancing benefits and risks in research; Publication ethics: Ownership of data and materials.