The MSc. in Medical Statistics course aims at training personnel to serve in the fields of national health systems, the pharmaceutical industry, and in research which is important to the development of a country. The course equips such personnel with the relevant knowledge of theoretical and practical aspects of statistics and their applications in health research.

The MSc. degree in Medical Statistics covers a minimum duration of four (4) semesters and maximum duration of ten (10) semesters of fifteen (15) weeks each

FIRST YEAR                                                                                                   

Semester 1

WMS 601 – Statistical Methods I                                                                       

WMS 603 – Epidemiological Methods I                                                             

WMS 605 – Data Management and Statistical Computing                               

WMS 607 – Sample Survey Methods                                                                 

WMS 608 – Health Services Survey and Statistics                                           


Semester 2

WMS 602 – Statistical Methods II                                                                      

WMS 604 – Epidemiological Methods II                                                             

WMS 606 – Multivariate Statistical Methods                                                       

WMS 609 –   Design & Analysis of Clinical Trials                                              

WMS 610 – Statistical Genetics I                                                                       



Semester 1

WMS 701 – Advanced Statistical Models                                                           

WMS 703 – Statistical Demography                                                                  

WMS 705 – Statistical Methods for Survival Data                                             

WMS 707 – Professional Issues in Medical Statistics                                       

WMS 709 – Modeling Dynamics of Infectious and Communicable Diseases    

WMS 717 – Spatial Statistical Methods in Health Sciences                                


Semester 2

WMS 750 – Project                                                                                           

Holders of Bachelors degrees in Medicine & Surgery, Dental Sciences, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine and Nursing Sciences from the University of Nairobi.

Holders of at least an upper second class Bachelors degree in Science, Engineering, Agriculture and Arts based subjects with strong mathematical background from the University of Nairobi.

Holders of a lower second class degree in the disciplines specified in (2) above plus postgraduate diploma or at least two years of relevant research/work experience in their respective fields.

Holders of a pass degree in the disciplines specified in(2)  plus a post-graduate diploma in the relevant disciplines with at least two years of research/work experience.

Holders of a pass degree in the areas specified in (2) plus at least five years of research/work experience.

Any other qualifications equivalent to the above from institutions recognized by the Senate of the University of Nairobi.

Fee Structure

1st year:


Ksh. 246,100

Non Kenyans

USD   3,045


2nd year


Ksh. 163,660

Non Kenyans

USD  2,025