Caroline Nduku Mutune

Caroline Nduku Mutune

Registration Number: W82/90078/2016

Home Country: Kenya

Supervisors: Prof. Raphael Nyonje and Dr. Lydiah Wambugu

Project Title: Strengthening Utilization of the Kenyan HIV and Health Situation Room at the County level

Project Description: The Kenya HIV and Health Situation Room is a decision support tool that was developed to integrate data from health programs at the national and county level, and to enable county health management teams to review and monitor program progress for specific health issues to make informed service delivery decisions. The tool aims to improve understanding and use of data to support decision making by improving access to data, linking key data sources, helping data users navigate large data sets, and providing a variety of options for synthesizing and displaying data according to need. The tool has already been implemented in 11 national governments and all 47 counties. 30 national and 94 county level staff have been trained.

There has been several challenges reported at the county level in utilizing the tool. These are: most county governments are not aware of what the Situation Room is all about, not many of the county health management teams remember how to use the tool and lastly the CHMT may not have had adequate training regarding the Situation Room.

This project seeks to find out why the Kenyan HIV and Health Situation Room is not being utilized at the county level.