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Institute Design

A multi-disciplinary/cross-disciplinary institute. All social and biomedical science activities related to human health may be carried under the umbrella of the institute. Internal collaborations with departments, faculties and institutes in the six Colleges of the University are encouraged.

Mode of operation
UNITID operates as a "Virtual Institute" where all persons within the University and outside it but with an interest in research and training in the various fields related to tropical and infectious diseases are welcome.

The Institute provides a conducive environment for the University of Nairobi academic and non academic staff and for the non University personnel to carry out their research work under its umbrella. Facilities available include:

  • Molecular biology laboratories
  • Immunology laboratories
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) laboratories
  • Genome technology laboratories
  • P-3 (Level-3) Biosafety laboratories capable of handling highly infectious materials including haemorrhagic fever viruses.

Facilities are also available for scientists/researchers from internal or external institutions intending to spend their sabbatical in the Institute.