The University of Nairobi Institute of Tropical and Infectious Diseases (UNITID) laboratories are housed in a modern building complex at the College of Health Sciences Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi Campus.

It has specialized laboratories such as molecular/PCR, Tuberculosis (TB), Bacteriology, chemistry, Serology/Immunology, Flow Cytometry and Tissue culture. Other facilities within the institute include a biorepository facility.

The institute also houses two Biosafety Level 3 laboratories. These laboratories are run through joint partnership between universities of Nairobi-Kenya, university of Manitoba, Canada and The National Microbiology of Canada.

These include but not limited to malaria, HIV, TB and other hemorrhagic fever viruses. We also provide laboratory diagnostic services to other laboratories and hospitals.

“Our main goal is to provide laboratory services to support research in emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases”

(UNITID) laboratories