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The MicroResearch Program uses educational tools, mentors, seed grant support and peer-to-peer multidisciplinary collaboration with the support of Canadian and African research coaches to help local African faculty and health care workers answer their own community focused research questions and then translate their findings to help improve health outcomes


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Module 11C Writing a CV.doc102 KB
Module 16b Report Writting.doc81 KB
1C NM Defining research Question 2014 (2).pdf1.01 MB
How-to-critically-appraise-an-article_Nature-clinical practice_2009 (1).pdf337.86 KB
1B BN Introduction to Web 2014.pdf2.19 MB
2A NB Principles of Clinical Research 2014.pdf1.34 MB
2B NB Pitfalls.pdf1.5 MB
Budget and justification Example JO 2012.pdf42.09 KB
3A. NM Getting started writing a proposal.pdf1.67 MB
Scholarly thinking using mind maps ....2013 Kotcherlakota.pdf152.32 KB
4A NB Getting the Write Right What editors want.pdf1.33 MB
4B NB Manuscript Review.pdf676.33 KB
5A NB Writing an Abstract Exercise and PPT.pdf684.3 KB
5B NB Basics of Research Ethics 2013.pdf700.21 KB
Abstract 2013 for 5A excercise.pdf111.62 KB
Module 1 Basics on Ethics.pdf251.05 KB
6A NB Preparing a Written Report 2014.pdf971.63 KB
6B NB Oral and Poster Communication.pdf1.2 MB
Module 16B Report Writing.pdf239.03 KB
7A NB Principles of Knowledge Translation (KT).pdf1.59 MB
7B NB Moving Research into Policy 2014.pdf967.62 KB
8A NB Community Engagement 2014.pdf1.47 MB
8B NB How a grant is reviewed 2014.pdf1.18 MB
9 NB Career Planning and Documenting 2014.pdf3.04 MB
10 NB Final day intro.pdf537.28 KB