Stevens MB Kisaka

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Registration No.: W80/52986/2018


Home Country: Uganda



Supervisor(s): Dr. Thumbi Mwangi, Prof. Fredrick E. Makumbi and Prof. Samuel Majalija

Project Title: Pre-Clinical Care, Clinical Management and Outcomes of Dog Bite Injuries in High Rabies Burden Districts of Wakiso and Kampala, Uganda

Description of the Project: Dog bites are on a rise in Uganda and victims are exposed to an increased risk of rabies, tetanus, mental health challenges including fear / anxiety and physical disfigurement. These risks may result into stigma, morbidity and death. To manage dog bites, there are specific procedures in the Uganda Clinical Guidelines which cover the pre-clinical and clinical phases. However, there is evidence of deviation from these standards and this may be responsible for the persistent cases of suspected rabies, bacterial infection of wounds as well as other undesirable outcomes. Therefore, this project is investigating the pre-clinical and clinical practices by victims and health workers as well as their relationship with outcomes.